Bare Wires

I’m putting in a proposal to Cryptic Nights to do a show called, to give it its full title, Ted Edwards proudly presents Bare Wires – Live in concert or just Bare Wires for short. Below I’ve gathered together in one place some relevant video and other documentation;

‘The Other Other Hand’ is pretty much fully documented from initial ideas to final performance at – the best place to start is probably the three-minute preview video at the top of that page, also available on YouTube. A fully edited 80 minute edited video of the complete show is online here.

Also on my YouTube page are two videos which show one of the starting points for the Ted Edwards project; my fortuitous discovery of several pieces of interesting retro music gear discarded in the street near where I live, in this case a Novation BassStation synth.

Further down this blog you will find some information about the forthcoming performance of a new commission The Whirlies for the Scottish Philharmonic Orchestra at Òran Mór on November 17th. This will be the first show in which I myself appear in my Ted Edwards role; below you will find a photo and description of the gear to be used, plus a demo recording of the piece.

For a thorough background on my work for the last twenty years or so, go to – particularly relevant to Bare Wires might be the Openings series of works, such as CIRCULARTHING, the score for which is shortly to be published in Notations 21, a followup book to John Cage’s seminal 1968 collection of graphic scores ‘Notations’.

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