The Whirlies – success!

The performance of The Whirlies the other night was a bit of a stunning success. Good audience, including the arts editor of the Herald, Keith Bruce, who seemed to really get the piece;

‘The new music came from J Simon van der Walt, whose The Whirlies pitted his own prepared multiphonic scrabbling with table-top banjo ukulele and electronic gizmos against lush concert-orchestra strings – a collision only enhanced by the shattering of a glass behind the bar.

There was some theatre, too, in his intensity and the swaying of the cellists, in as perfect a musical encapsulation of the East Kilbride road system as I ever expect to hear.’

The East Kilbride Mail also wrote up the piece enthusiastically, and even did one of those celebrity twenty question interviews (click on the thumbnails to see full size scans);

One Response to The Whirlies – success!

  1. Hooi Ling says:

    Woo hoo! Well done! I found the piece humorous as well.

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