I’m quite excited today to discover a free/open-source music notation program I hadn’t previously heard of, MuseScore. (That I hadn’t heard of it probably has something to do with the fact that they’ve only just released a mac binary.) Very early days so far, but already I’m very excited to see the beginnings of what could be a foss alternative to Sibelius and Finale, something which I think the world badly needs. I had a play with it; it’s ok, got used to the note entry and editing interface quite quickly, kind of like a cross between Sib and Fin in the way it works. Didn’t take long to notate the gamelan tune I heard in my dream this morning, although I could have done with a custom key signature;

I was able to export it as a midi file, which had some small problems, and also as .xml which, again after a bit of hacking I was able to open very nicely in Sibelius. Now, if I was dead pure rich and that, I’d give these guys a bunch of money to really develop this!

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