‘certain assumptions’ at ArtMusFair

ARTMUSFAIR is… well, I guess you could describe it as a trade fair for contemporary music (stop giggling) which this year is happening in Glasgow, Thur 29 Oct to Sun 1 Nov. I’ve got two things confirmed and a third in the pipeline.

First up is a new piece certain assumptions, which was accepted in a call for scores by the Red Note Ensemble. It’s for alto flute, horn, marimba, cello and ‘tape’, with the latter part composed using a patch I made at the pd bootcamp in Wales earlier this year. Here’s the ‘programme note’;

‘When you go to the doctor you assume that he will care for you in his normal compassionate way, ultimately finding the solution to your ailments. Why else would you go?

On your last trip to the grocery store did you assume the food was free from bacteria? I bet you did, otherwise you would find somewhere else to shop; that is if you lived through the bacterial infection.

As you can see sometimes assumptions help us relieve potential anxiety. They can be very useful ways of diverting stress but unfortunately even the white knight puts on a black hat once in a while.’ (http://bit.ly/LFxW8)

According to the information I have ‘the performance is scheduled to begin at 10:30pm on 30th October 2009, in the bar attached to the Millennium Hotel on George Square, Glasgow. The performance will be informal, amplified and compered.’

Then, on the Saturday morning at about 0900 we are planning a performance of CIRCULARTHING and other works by the long-lost Society for High Art Music. To complete a trilogy of van der Walt, I’m also trying to persuade them to let me give the first performance of my soon-to-be-notorious ‘Music Is Not Sound’ lecture.

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