Performances at Plug

I’m having two new pieces performed at the Plug festival at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland next week. The first is called Dr Mueller? Dr Mueller!? Oh, boy :( and is a postlude  to Spiricom, the third piece in Gordon McPherson’s 2007 trilogy Ghosts. The ‘spiricom’ was a psuedoscientific electronic device built by a couple of cranks in the 1980s, who convinced themselves that with it they could hear and talk to dead people including, supposedly, a certain ‘Dr Mueller’.

The piece is for clarinet and acoustic laptop: by which I mean a laptop with no additional amplification, transforming the sounds of the clarinet, to be played by Fraser Langton. This one is in Plug 1, the Monday lunchtime concert.

The second piece is on Wednesday evening: The Black Rain again involves laptop and live instruments, this time five players from the Scottish Ensemble through a SuperCollider patch, more on that one below.

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