Sonifying IR spectroscopy data – automating pitch

Going off in a bit of a different direction here, using the data as automation to drive the pitch of a synth:

f = CSVFileReader.readInterpret(Document.current.dir.asString++"/water.csv");

f = ((f.flop[1] * -1) + 1).normalize(48,84); //midinotes

Pmono( \default,
\midinote, Pseq(f, inf),
\dur, 0.005).play

In this recording, looping up the three chemicals one by one. Kind of cute – early days for this approach.


2 Responses to Sonifying IR spectroscopy data – automating pitch

  1. Steve Ford says:

    I like this…it should definately go in the ‘performance ideas’ folder. What the looping? Shall we try this with the ‘taking aspirin’ model?

    • tedthetrumpet says:

      Lots more scope for stuff along these lines, I think :) Might try out some more ideas tonight. The looping is just going around and the graph from beginning to end and back to the start, translated to pitch data. So, in this case, the three loops are different lengths as the three sets of data are different sizes.