Adrift & Afloat


adrift_afloat.mp3 (4’59, 5.7 MB) as performed by Gamelan Naga Mas in their performance ‘Float Sound Objects’, with added rainforest sounds

trib_simul1.mp3 and
trib_simul2.mp3 are both extracts from Tribulation, in which Adrift & Afloat can be heard alongside other material


adrift_afloat_2k20.pdf (258 KB)

18/1/2002 for gamelan (or anything)


The graphic above is all the notation needed in performance. For instructions as to how to play this on gamelan, or similar, see the full .pdf version of the score. One of my best and most versatile pieces of material, playable by non/musicians, on almost any group of instruments capable of dynamics. (There is also a live electronic visualisation of this piece, which I should try to get a video of up here one day…)

Duration 4’33