Tonal Anarchists Through the Ages

22/2/97 for bass clarinet, vibraphone, piano and percussion

Composer’s note

‘The long, improvised solo presented a highly precise and detailed stream of consciousness. Denying all higher laws of art or of sumbission to a higher Will than his own self-will, the jazz soloist roamed as teh ‘mood’ took him through the fog-bound and sociologically-treacherous valleys of melancholy and anarchy. To the sensitized mind, every such solo – without exception – displays one of more of the following undesirable traits: sensualtiy, physical over-excitement, despari, human moodiness, leharty, selfishness, narrow-mindedness, mental disintgration, pride, egocentricity, self-assertion and rebellion.

Tame, David The Secret Power of Music Destiny Books, Vermont 1984 pp199-200


This piece represents something of a lost work: the only electronic trace I can find of the original files are a note recording me archiving it to a backup disk in December 2000. Fortunately, a hard copy exists in the library of the Scottish Music Centre, which I should be able to get a scan of at some point.

Duration ~6’30