In the back of my mind

8/11/07 for three flutes and clarinet choir

Composer’s note

A study towards, or perhaps a tangent to, The Other Other Hand. It is composed of four building blocks; Ascending Material for the clarinets; Sick Puppy, a limping gesture for three flutes; Sick Puppy Variations; which adds a bass clarinet to the flutes; and a march. A fourth gesture Dodgy Dog didn’t make the cut.


Performed by The Scottish Flute Trio (Laura Bailie, Janet Larsson and Ruth Morley) with the clarinet choir of the RSAMD operating under the guise of ‘The Society for High Art Music’; Abraham González Chávez and Amy Strachan (Eb clarinets), Kim Stephen (Leader), Cristina Montesdeoca Suárez, Matthew Rogers, Tom Logan, Rebecca Humphreys, Lisa Duggan (Bb clarinets), Ursula Was and Calum Robertson (A clarinets), Fraser Antony Max Langton (basset horn) and Samuel Hernández Ávila and Yla Garvie (bass clarinets). RSAMD 8/11/2007.

Duration ~13′