Bridge River Valley

4/2/03 for piano; also for flute, clarinet, violin & cello

Composer’s note

‘Bridge River Valley’ was the first piece I wrote during my residency at the Banff Centre. It was sparked off by a conversation with playwright Norah Ashmore, who was working on a piece set in the actual Bridge River Valley, in British Colombia. An important event in the story is the building of the first road in the 1950s; the short first movement of the piece was inspired by thoughts of journeying. The second movement seems to have no connection with ideas from play; it is simply an uptempo movement to balance the slow opening.


Piano version first performed by Lauren Kelly at the Banff Centre on 4/3/03. An arrangement for flute, clarinet, violin & cello was made for the ensemble Ultraviolet.

Duration 4’33