Exactly This

23/10/03 for trumpet, bongos, contrabass, and CD

Composer’s note

It Hurt Exactly This Much

‘Dorothea and Ampersand are discussing mechanics for healing and damage in DnD-type combat-heavy games. Dorothea thinks pure hit-point mechanics don’t support good play, and Ampersand thinks if you trust your GM, it shouldn’t be an issue. They’re both right, but Dorothea’s more right, in part because Ampersand’s answer is orthogonal to the question I think is really under discussion.’

– Irrelevant quotation from;
http://www.whiterose.org/pam/archives/002920.html (accessed 23/10/03, link now dead)


Conductor – ‘”Exactly This”? What’s it all about then?’. Composer – ‘The question answers itself’.

First performed (to great acclaim!) at a ‘Whatever Happened to Music’ concert by Paragon on 24 November 2003. What worked particularly well was the so-called ‘granular/dance remix’ on CD, which forms the second half of the piece. What one hears appears to be a live brassage of the preceding two minutes of live music; in fact it’s a mock up using midi sounds.

Update 10/8/2010 – the ‘granular dance’ remix is now also a standalone track called ‘exactly gran’;

Duration ~4’33