Not in my name

Photo by Kristine Thoreson



[ nimn2.mp3 (6’30, 4.8 MB)

14/3/03 for three marimbas and protagonist

Composer’s note

A piece composed under the shadow of war; specifically the British and American led invasion of Iraq in March of 2003. At the time I wrote ‘Not in my name’ the world was watching the last dying days of diplomacy, as Tony Blair struggled to get a second UN resolution to legitimise something George Bush was plainly going to do anyway.

This is the last and most significant of the pieces written during my three month residency at the Banff Centre in Alberta. Significant, not merely for it’s political stance, but in the way in which it brings together all the elements of my current work; economy of means, theatricality, use of space, technology, and a personal committment to the risks of performance.


First performed at the Banff Centre 14/3/03 by Trent Petrunia, Devoney Dean, and Dean Pomeroy (marimbas), with the composer as protagonist. My thanks to Bill Cahn of Nexus for facilitating the performance, to Fernando Llanos (and Trebor Scholz) for the video, and to all the friends and colleagues at Banff who helped me to achieve this piece.

Duration 6’30