Studies of Nucleate Boiling in Thin Liquid Layers

4/94 for chamber ensemble, symphonic wind band & jazz big band

Composer’s note

  • Part 1 (for Chamber Ensemble) Text
  • Part 2 (for Symphonic Wind Band) Appendices and Figures
  • Part 3 (for Jazz Big Band) There Is No Part Three

Composed in honour of the outgoing principal of Napier University, Professor William A. Turmeau. Three separate, thematically linked pieces, to be played at the same concert. The letters TURMEAU are used to generate a seven note theme, F G D F E A G, which unites the three parts.

Part 1 polyrhythmic, repetitive; synthetic scales, quasi-tonal, quartal & added-note harmony.

Part 2 textural, rhythmic, repetitive. Constant progression through distantly-related diatonic regions. Unconventional instrumentation & scoring.

Part 3 conventional, almost tongue-in-cheek disco/samba.


Performed in the presence of the dedicatee June 94.

Duration (three movements) ~16′