(pq) assembly

27/2/98 for invention ensemble

Composer’s note

This is an assemblage of three fragments;

  1. a diatonic melody entitled ‘quince’, which occurs in various transpositions on flute, alto sax & trumpet
  2. a diatonic melody entitled ‘plush’, played by guitar, bass & tenor sax
  3. a CMT* fragment generated by plugging the MIDI lead of the Mac back into itself and executing a complex delay line in the Logic environment, until the program crashes. The resultant material was worked, assigned to a tubular bells sound, and is played live on 1/4 inch reel-to-reel.

Additional material is provided for two pianos/keyboards and marimba.

*CMT; Creative Misuse of Technology


First performed by invention ensemble 17/3/98; many subsequent performances during the lifetime of the group.

Duration 8’10