Two Protozoans (and a Sponge)

27/10/96 for four flutes

Composer’s note

The protozoans, of which there are over 30,000 species, are primitive, single-celled organisms, of which the best known example is probably the amoeba. Paramecium caudatum is one of the most common freshwater ciliates. The nasty-sounding Plasmodium virax is the malaria parasite; like many parasites it has a complex life-cycle involving several hosts, and exists in several forms. Sponges are the most primitive group of multi-cellular animals. The Bath Sponge Euspongia mollissima finds itself in this piece on the strength of it’s mellow name.


First performed by Nicola Budd, Alexander Hay, John Hall & Rosalind Sangster, 29/5/98, and on subsequent occasions by a number of other groups.

Duration ~6′