Thor’s Magic Hammer

5/1/06 for Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre

Clydebuilt are one of Scotland’s busiest puppet companies. Here’s a selection of cues I wrote for one of their shows;

Ginnungagap (2’13, 2MB)
Takes a while to get going, but a fine, massive, thunder-god of a tune! Would have been better if I’d had time to record it with real brass instead of samples.

Banquet (3’18, 2MB)
So who’s to say the Vikings didn’t have bagpipes? Or play music in 11/4?! All samples, fairly convincing, though.

At sea (1’57, 2MB)
Ok, confession, this piece was meant to be about flying, but it turned out to feel much more like the ocean instead. Admittedly crass overuse of choral and string samples and, again, would be much better with real brass.

Smitings (1’14, 1MB)
This kind of thing is great fun to do; a selection of mighty hammer blows, produced by banging about on saucepans and dustbin lids, then putting massive sampled impulse reverbs on everything!


Some of this material has since appeared elsewhere, most notably Ginnungagap, revisited as part of Diverses Mélodies.