How Two Minds Can Know One Thing

5/11/95 three movements, for chamber orchestra

Composer’s note

Movement 1 (7’31)

Opening explores effects of extremes of repetition, including boredom, annoyance & aural illusions. Crassly bitonal. Eventually gives way to more conventional music, melodic & rhythmically propulsive. After broad passage for piano, opening returns as accompaniment, and melodic material is recapitulated.

Movement 2 (5’08)

Slow, static; strings alone. Harmonically related to;

Movement 3 (7’48)

Polyrhythmic, repetitive, using contrasted diatonic regions in a planned scheme.


Forces: Flute (also shaker), oboe, 2 Bb clarinets, bassoon (or bass clarinet), 2 horns in F, harpsichord (also piano), 2 percussionists & strings.

First performed by Napier University Chamber Orchestra, 8/5/96. Completed with the aid of a bursary from the Scottish Arts Council.

Total duration (three movements) ~20’27