I walked away from the guy

19/1/02 for clarinet, violin and piano

Composer’s note

‘I walked away from the guy’ is an imaginary overheard phrase which popped into my head one day as I was walking down the street. The rhythm of the phrase forms the backbone of the piece; there are two types of material, loud phrases which ‘speak’ the sentence, and quieter phrases which might be just in the mind. This ‘inner’ material becomes more prominent as the piece progresses.

Who the speaker is, and who the guy is, and the reason for the leave-taking, is up to the imagination. (I have a feeling that this piece may turn out to be a sketch towards a larger piece for Invention Ensemble; perhaps we will learn more about these characters in that piece. Or not.)


Written for and first performed at the inaugural concert of Paragon’s. ‘Whatever happened to Music?’ series in the bar of the Tron: Edward Paling (Violin), John Cushing (Clarinet) Linda Cochrane (Piano). With thanks to John Harris.

Duration ~3-4′